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Long Range Weather Forecast USA November 2018

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Well the month of October has seen volatile conditions throughout the Country. So, what’s ahead for November?

A severe Snowstorm to hit the Upper Midwest and may extend as far as Northern Kansas. The system travelling to the East will also deliver heavy falls to Minnesota.

The states of the Northern Plains will also experience heavy snowfall, ice and strong winds during November. This band of volatile weather will extend from Colorado to Minnesota, including Northern Kansas, Nebraska, Northern Iowa, Wisconsin, Southern Wyoming and Southern South Dakota. Heavy falls to Colorado.

Further storms and tornadoes to the Mid-South and extending to the South East, particularly Texas.

Heavy storms to the Californian Coast and snow inland.

State by state forecast:

  1. Alabama: Tornadoes and Thunderstorms.

  2. Arizona: Heavy snowstorm.

  3. Arkansas: Tornadoes and Thunderstorms.

  4. California (N): High winds and storms to NW California. Snow around Sierra Nevada. California (S): High winds and storms.

  5. Colorado: Heavy snow/snowstorms/blizzard.

  6. Connecticut: Heavy winds, rain and local flooding. Snow to parts.

  7. Delaware: Thunderstorm.

  8. Florida: High winds, tornadoes, thunderstorms, with local flooding.

  9. Georgia: Tornadoes and wind storms.

  10. Idaho: Nil at this stage.

  11. Illinois: Nil at this stage.

  12. Indiana: High winds.

  13. Iowa: Thunderstorms, snowstorms and heavy snow.

  14. Kansas: Thunderstorms and snowstorms/blizzard.

  15. Kentucky: High winds and storms/local flooding.

  16. Louisiana: Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.

  17. Maine: Heavy rain and strong winds.

  18. Maryland/DC: Rain, snow, sleet.

  19. Massachusetts: Strong winds, heavy rain, snow.

  20. Michigan: High winds.

  21. Minnesota: Heavy snow, rain, blizzard.

  22. Mississippi: Tornadoes, local flooding and thunderstorms.

  23. Missouri: Thunderstorms.

  24. Montana: Nil at this stage

  25. Nebraska: Thunderstorms, heavy snow/blizzard.

  26. Nevada: Windstorm.

  27. New Hampshire: High winds to Coast and rain.

  28. New Jersey: Nil at this stage.

  29. New Mexico: Heavy rain with local flooding.

  30. New York: Winds, heavy rain and snowstorm.

  31. North Carolina: Strong winds.

  32. North Dakota: Nil at this stage.

  33. Ohio: Nil at this stage.

  34. Oklahoma: Tornadoes and thunderstorms.

  35. Oregon: Windstorms.

  36. Pennsylvania: Nil at this stage.

  37. Rhode Island: Heavy rain, strong winds, local flooding.

  38. South Carolina: Nil at this stage.

  39. South Dakota: Blizzard.

  40. Tennessee: Tornadoes and thunderstorm.

  41. Texas: Tornadoes, thunderstorms and flash flooding.

  42. Utah: Nil at this stage.

  43. Vermont: Snowstorm.

  44. Virginia: Snow, wind and rain.

  45. Washington: Strong winds.

  46. West Virginia: Strong winds.

  47. Wisconsin: Snowstorm/sleet.

  48. Wyoming: Heavy snow.

  49. Alaska: Heavy rain, snowstorm/blizzard, local flooding.

  50. Hawaii: Nil at this stage.

Storms to hit USA
Massive storms to hit the USA

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