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Commercial Forecasts

Accurate weather forecasts are supplied by Hayden Walkers Weather to many businesses throughout the world.


The main reason they place their trust in Hayden Walkers Weather is to obtain reliable information to minimise risks to their business and at the same time maximising returns.


Requesting a weather forecast from Hayden Walkers Weather will enable you to determine what risks are ahead:

  • Insurance companies forewarn their customers to take action

  • Construction companies moving equipment to other areas before there is inclement weather

  • Obtaining a forecast from Walkers Weather will avoid financial penalties, because projects will be completed on time with the knowledge of predicted weather 

  • Mining companies, during weather extremes, can plan shut downs for maintenance

  • Rural sector: sinking dams during drought, planting, fertilising, cattle fattening and buying stock

  • Air conditioning companies purchase more units in preparation of a forecasted hot summer

  • Logistics in transportation: What roads will be flooded in North Queensland during the Summer season? 

  • Construction companies can be penalised for overdue projects, logistics of ships docking into port for cargo exchange during extreme weather, or simply a holiday ruined due to inclement weather.


Investing a small amount of money in a Hayden Walkers Weather forecast is not expensive when compared to vast sums lost due to failed crops or property damage.

Those who receive a Hayden Walkers Weather Forecast are proactive and are ahead of their competitors.

Depending on the client’s needs, weather reports can be simple and concise or can be detailed to include many variables. Those clients receiving a weather forecast also receive a monthly update which summarises rainfall or temperatures for Australia, UK or USA.

As an indication we forecast the weather for many business consortiums throughout Australia and the following are some of the industries who engage our services:

  • Insurance companies

  • Mining Companies

  • Construction companies, especially project managers 

  • Farmers, Graziers, Specialised Rural

  • Media Outlets

  • Fishing Industry

  • Small Business, multitude of industries

  • Ski Resorts

  • National White Goods

  • Professional Painters

  • Festivals and Outdoor Events

  • Irrigation and Water Resources

  • Property and Real Estate Developers

  • Food Retail Companies

  • Air Conditioning

  • State Emergency

  • Trucking and Transport

  • Film/Movie Industry

The following are marketing strategies companies use to determine and reduce business risks:

  • Which stock will best suit the future climate/environment

  • Where to strategically locate stock based on the weather, drought, floods, and severe temperatures

  • Promotional sales for enhanced selling results

  • How much stock is required based on future weather extremes

  • Transport logistics

  • Staffing requirements

  • Construction, lead time and project management

  • The knowledge of weather extremes can be included in your business plan for projections and decision making.

Commercial forecasts are specially formulated to suit your specific business needs.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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