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Hayden Walker's Weather is the leading private weather company in Australia, with decades of long range weather forecasting expertise.

Hayden is the Research Director and the company normally predicts the weather 12 to 18 months in advance, although short term forecasts and 5 year forecast are also available.

Weather patterns and predictions are developed by monitoring solar flares, analysing historical data, and observing planetary relationships and orbital patterns.

The sun has an everchanging surface which accommodates large sunspots emitting solar radiation or magnetic fields, which react with the Earth’s magnetic field. This causes a reaction with the poles, thus producing Northern Lights.


An increase in sunspot activity, especially during an intense Solar Maximum, gives rise to weather extremes such as flooding, cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons and storm activity. The reverse happens during a Solar Minimum, or a dormant period, and we experience drought conditions. 

By monitoring the sun and correlating past weather records, I am able to predict the weather into the future.

Using these methods, Hayden and his Team can forecast various weather predictions which are then used by businesses to make very significant commercial decisions, or by farmers to determine the planting or harvesting of crops, or the buying and selling of cattle and stock.

Hayden uses his knowledge of the sun, combined with the tendencies to cyclic patterns of sunspot activity and energy flow, to predict both the short and long-term future of weather worldwide, specialising in long range forecast for the USA, UK and Australia.


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