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Weather Information

Without the sun, life on earth – as we know it – could not exist.

We are indeed “made of stardust” because the sun is the source of all from which our bodies are made.

The sun is also the antithesis of life. The only reason we survive in its presence – even at this great distance – is because of the protection afforded by the geomagnetic fields and atmosphere of our earth.

These are constantly being battered and bruised by the Alfven Wave powered solar winds and ion fields streaming from the sun, and it’s these, combined with the huge amounts of energy carried in sunlight and imparted by the earth’s rotation, that create our weather.

All of our weather takes place within the thin blue line of our atmosphere, from cyclones and twisters, to droughts and flooding rains.

Hayden uses his knowledge of the sun and our atmosphere, combined with the tendencies to cyclic patterns of sunspot activity and energy flow, to predict both the short and long-term future of our weather, to provide you with the protection of awareness.


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