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Weather Forecasts Reduce Your Business Risk

Hayden Walkers Weather is here for your protection.

  • Construction and Project Management, will you overrun the project due to Extreme Weather?

  • Should your Business have purchased more merchandise for the wet weather, or should you have considered more clothing to compensate the blistery winter?

  • Did your Franchise/Business order more lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and associated equipment for the escalation in growth, due to wet and humid conditions to keep your customers satisfied?  

  • As a Farmer are you worried about when to plant, and will there be follow up rain to grow the crop?

  • No one wants to spend money sinking a dam, if it doesn’t rain when you want it to?

  • Insurance companies could save millions in claims if they KNEW ahead of time, in order to WARN their clients to take evasive action, once they KNEW when floods were on their way?

  • Should Mining equipment be moved to higher ground before closing the mine over Christmas?

  • What about a costly project, such as organising an Air Show, did you consider the right advice?

  • Have you organised your Ski Holiday with heaps of snow, and what about the Cruise without cyclonic conditions?”

Because we’re all very, very, dependent on the weather. We can ALL be forearmed – if forewarned!

Hayden Walker's Weather is essential for mitigating your business risks, at the same time- increasing profits, as we tailor our forecasts for your business needs. Contact us today.


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