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Severe Storms on Their Way


Synopsis for October: SEVERE STORMS ON THEIR WAY

Reasonably good to good rains are indicated on Port Curtis, South-East, Darling Downs, Central Coast, Central Highlands and Barron North Coast during October with good to some heavy falls occurring on the Herbert division. Varying rainfall from moderate to good is indicated on the Peninsula and Maranoa, with light to reasonably good falls occurring on the Carpentaria, Central Lowlands, Upper and Lower Western. Varying rainfall from light to good is indicated on the Far South-West and Warrego.

General outlook:

· Scattered showers are indicated on the Coastal districts during the first week of October, with showers and storms commencing for the second week over the Southern inland and extending to the associated Coastal areas.

· This scenario will be repeated in the following days. But will cover further afield.

· During the middle of the month, showers and storms will start to build from the Northern Territory, and make way through the Central and Southern divisions of Queensland.

· From this point, activity to the North Coast will develop and extend to the Inland areas.

· As per the synopsis this is when the heavier falls are indicated to the Herbert and surrounds.

· Activity at the end of the month will once again start to build from the Northern Territory and cross into Qld.

Weather Extremes:

  • Instability with storms from now till the end of the month, the Southern Inland and particularly the South-East.

  • Isolated thunderstorms about the 8th for the Maranoa and Warrego.

  • Thunderstorms Warrego, Darling Downs and South Coast about the 12th.

  • Widespread thunderstorms Darling Downs and Metropolitan Suburbs about the 13th. (Severe-hail).

  • Thunderstorms extending from the North-West to the South-East following days.

  • Between the 17th and 23rd severe storms particularly suburbs of the Metropolitan, Inland Far North Coast, Far North Coast, Central Coast, Central Inland and South-East.

  • Further storms are indicated about the 26th and 27th with flash flooding to the South-East.

  • Further storms to the Southern Inland at the end of the month.

Note: This storm activity will have associated flash flooding, hail and severe strong winds.

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