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Severe storms to impact Australia

As the following forecast is of National interest and contrary to a number of proponents, storm activity will bring rainfall to a number of areas in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Not only will there be instability on the horizon, but these storms will pack a punch, quite ferocious at times.

For Queensland, November will be good to heavy to the Far North Coast and also the Central Coast. During December good to heavy rains are indicated to many areas.

Overall November rainfall is certainly beneficial for the New South Wales. And once again December will produce much needed rain.

Victoria should experience rainfall for November and December particularly the Upper and Lower North-East, Gippsland and Central divisions.

Rainfall for Tasmania will vary from moderate to good during November and December.

South Australian rainfall should vary between light to reasonably good, with more of an emphasis on the Settled areas.

Storm activity engaging for the Kimberleys and some rainfall to the South-Western divisions during November with Storms to the Kimberleys and Far North Coast, Eucla and parts of the South-East.

Storms prominent to the Northern Territory during this period, heavy during December on the Darwin-Daly, Arnhem, Roper-McArthur and Victoria.

For a more detailed, location specific forecast contact Hayden Walker:


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