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Long Range Weather Forecasts 

Australia, UK & USA



This rainfall report details your rainfall outlook for 12 months or 5 years. The outlook is gauged on your rainfall average and indicates whether the outlook is above or below average for each month.

This report also incorporates rainfall dates, signifying rain or showers during the month allowing you to plan and prepare during certain rainfall blocks of each month.

And finally, a summary is given at the end of the report encompassing a 0-100/200km radius from your location. This provides a wider range facility allowing you to gauge your area in general.



The monthly update provides:


1) Country wide outlook for the month

2) Statewide outlook for the month including:

  • General rainfall outlook

  • General temperature outlook

  • Wind criteria, gale force, dust storms

  • General outlook on frosts

  • Thunderstorms

  • Flooding

  • Cyclones

3) Monthly forecast for your specific area​



​The temperature report details maximum and minimum temperatures for each month, for a 12 month period.


Each month is graphed into maximum and minimum temperatures for each day.

Rainfall, Monthly and Temperature Reports

Combination of all 3 reports above for a 12 month period, discounted to $595.​

Commercial and Custom Reports

As already stated, we are in the business of predicting weather extremes.


Whether there is heavy rain on its way, or drought conditions that will be prevalent over the next few months, we can assist you in making the right decisions, and provide a detailed report which is tailored to suit your requirements.

The following are marketing strategies companies use to determine and reduce business risks:

  • Which stock will best suit the future climate/environment

  • Where to strategically locate stock based on the weather, drought, floods, and severe temperatures

  • Promotional sales for enhanced selling results

  • How much stock is required based on future weather extremes

  • Transport logistics

  • Staffing requirements

  • Construction, lead time and project management

  • The knowledge of weather extremes can be included in your business plan for projections and decision making.

Furthermore, I’m only too happy to be a guest speaker at Conferences covering Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Insurance, Retail, Tourism, as well as Service Clubs, where I can explain how Hayden Walkers Weather Predicts Severe Weather, 12 months ahead.


Our long-range weather forecasts are essential for mitigating your business risks, at the same time, increasing profits, as we tailor our forecasts for your business needs. 

Call us on 0408 846 890, email or fill in our contact form today to discuss your project details.

commercial and custom reports
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