Hayden Walkers Almanac for Australia provides a comprehensive rainfall guide for 2020. Rainfall dates are indicative to the region, rain dates are a guide only and locations are designated in the detailed map. Please review the product image to see the regions covered.

With any Almanac purchase you will receive two free calendars for 2020, a Gardening Calendar and Fishing by the Moon Calendar.

Before purchasing please read the licence conditions of the report. Proceeding to purchasing the report will indicate that you have read and agree to all licence conditions.

2020 Almanac Australia

  • I understand all materials are subject to copyright and I agree to view, download and print pages from Hayden Walkers Weather 2020 Almanac for my own personal use only. I agree not to republish, sell, reproduce, electronically transfer, duplicate or show any materials on private or public web sites and I further agree I will not display any part of this Almanac for public or workplace purposes. In the present state of this research no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of these forecasts as sunspot activity may intensify or dissipate. 

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